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About Us:

Good Health Naturally has been involved in the extensive research, formulation, development and distribution of premium-quality nutritional supplements and cutting-edge health solutions for over 35 years.

Founded in 1986 by the late Robert Redfern, a dedicated health researcher and pioneer who introduced Serrapeptase products to the internet and worldwide market, his legacy continues on thanks to his wife Anne Redfern, who is now stepping into his role and taking the reins once again of the business she originally built with Robert over 30 years ago.

Along with Serrapeptase, Good Health Naturally is known for the HealthPoint Kit, a safe and effective electro-acupressure device known to locate and stimulate the body’s acupressure points, providing pain relief for over 160 health conditions.

Good Health Naturally are at the technological forefront of nutrient delivery, introducing products using Liposomal delivery such as BrainPowercombining Liposomal Curcumin and Resveratrol, Liposomal HySorbQ10 and Liposomal B4Health™, all designed for maximum nutrient strength and absorption.

Today, their comprehensive health solutions include a full range of Serrapeptase formulations to suit various conditions; MaxiFocus® Liposomal Sublingual to support good eye health, Curcuminx4000® for anti-inflammatory support; Active Life™, a best-selling multivitamin; the double-award winning PrescriptBiotics for best immune and digestive health, along with the ultra-pure Ancient Magnesium with OptiMSM range for enhanced transdermal delivery of this essential mineral into the bloodstream.


GHN’s Commitment To You

Good Health Naturally are committed to providing nutritional supplements made with the highest quality ingredients, supported by scientific research. Their expertise now expands beyond nutritional supplements to include a team of qualified nutritionists who are on hand to answer questions and provide guidance about supplements.

As a nutritional supplement company, Good Health Naturally is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people’s lives through nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals and showcasing the benefits of using natural health solutions.


The GHN Sustainability Promise

As an environmentally conscious company, Good Health Naturally ensures that its packaging is 100% ethical and sustainable. In 2020, they made an environmental pledge only to use glass and bio-based recyclable plastic packaging across their product lines. Where possible, recyclable glass bottles have replaced plastic packaging.

Other products, like the SerraEnzyme range, are available in bio-based recyclable packaging – a sustainable alternative made by producing biobased HDPE and LDPE from green polyethylene, using waste collected from the sugar cane industry that doesn’t require a food resource. The product packaging also uses Ecoflow compostable loose fill, which is 100% biodegradable, odourless and dust-free.


A 5*Star Experience

Rated 5* stars on TrustPilot reviews, Good Health Naturally has thousands of happy, loyal customers who are a testament to the premium quality of the nutritional supplements and the positive impact their products are making on people’s lives.



Good Health Naturally Address:

Good Health Forever Ltd

PO Box 799